Buy a Google News approved Website / Domain

Google news – though a news aggregator – has become one of the most important marketing platforms over the last few years. News platforms are undoubtedly one of the most used advertising and marketing platforms, but their reach individually is limited. Google News changed the game for everyone in a highly positive way. Major publishers expanded their reach internationally through Google News while small time publishers got a voice on the Internet.

Google News is one of the most sought after news aggregator with reach of nearly 4 billion views a month globally. Google News US alone gets over half a billion views a month opening up huge business possibilities.

Publishing press releases on different sites is definitely a way to go, but they turn out to be expensive over the long run. Further, when you publish content on other sites, you have to abide by their editorial guidelines and that may hinder your marketing activities. If you own a Google News site of your own, the only set of guidelines you need to adhere to are those imposed by Google News and they have been getting lenient over the years.

No matter what niche your company falls under – be it Technology, Software, Gadgets, Science, Space, Health, Industry, Stock Market, Market Research, heavy industry, chemicals, energy, home appliances, holidays to name a few – you can own a pre-approved Google News site for just a few $$$.