Google News approval vs. buying a pre-approved Google News domain / website

Getting your own website approved in Google News is the best way to get into Google News and garner a huge share of Google-based traffic, but what to do if your website is rejected multiple times?

Google News approval is on the minds of thousands of bloggers and small-time news publishers across the globe with hundreds if not thousands applying for Google News approval every single day. If you take a look at Google News publisher help forums, you will find scores of forum posts every single day wherein publishers are complaining about a rejection they have received recently.

Some vent their frustration with the lack of clarity in the guidelines while others are just angry about not receiving Google News approval even after multiple attempts. One of the major issues with Google News approval is the lack of clear guidelines that could provide publishers with precise set of points or checklist that they need to implement before applying for approval.

This lack of clear guidelines is understandable considering Google doesn’t want every publisher out there getting their websites approved in Google News, but what about those genuine publishers who have been working in the offline or online media industry for quite sometime, but never ventured the Google News route!

Rejections are a huge morale buster. Google News publisher help forums provide us with ample of such examples wherein publishers have simply stopped trying because of multiple back-to-back approvals.

Buying a pre-approved Google News domain / website

We at ensure that such publishers have a way to get into Google News and start generating traffic without having to worry about approvals. For all those publishers who haven’t received approvals despite multiple attempts, we offer a means to end their frustration.

Buying a Google news approved domain / website will enable you to do what you are good at instead of working on the approval process that could take up weeks and even months and that too with no certainty that you will receive a positive response. We have sites in multiple niches including technology, health, science, finance, cryptocurrency, and general news. With an investment of as little as $1500 you could own your own Google News approved domain and start generating traffic as well as revenue from day one.

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