Google News approval tips – what Google News Publisher Forum experts say

Google News approval has become a sort of life goal for many webmasters. Our analysis of the Google News Publisher forum indicate that some webmasters dedicate months for getting Google News approval on to fail again and again.

This leads to an obvious question as to what could be done differently to get Google News approval. Here we present a few Google News approval tips that could go a long way into helping webmasters and bloggers to get their website or domain approved in Google News. If you jump to Google News Publisher forums, you will be greeted with a bunch of questions such as:

  • Site two times rejected – need some advice
  • Why my website was rejected when i have autobiography of author on my website?
  • My site got rejected for the second time after making lots of adjustment

One of the biggest concern – if not an issue – with Google News guidelines is that they haven’t been written in a user friendly way. I understand why is that done – to keep a majority of bloggers and webmasters away from exploiting Google News for non-news reasons. So is there a way to interpret these Google News content guidelines to the point that they work in your favour?

A simple and optimistic answer – Yes there is! Just think that if there wasn’t then how is it possible for so many bloggers and webmasters to get their website google news approved?

Primarily, refrain from publishing content that violates the basic tenants of Google News content guidelines:

  • Sexually explicit content
  • Graphic violent content
  • Hateful content
  • Dangerous and illegal activities
  • Sponsored content
  • Harassment and cyberbullying
  • Deceptive behaviour
  • Spam and malware

Just think that if there wasn’t then how is it possible for so many bloggers and webmasters to get their website google news approved?

What are the tips of Google News Publisher Forum experts?

One of the major reasons why sites are rejected from Google News approval is accountability and transparency. Google wants to know who is writing the news on your sites and whether readers can reach this particular author or contributor or the publisher.

To this point, one of the top contributors of Google News Forum points out that Google News wants to know who is responsible for the content of the website or the content of the page. Google also wants to know if the person or organization has sufficient expertise in the topic? If expertise, authoritativeness, or trustworthiness is lacking, Google News approval team will give low rating to your site and hence it will be rejected.

To be precise in this area of accountability, make sure you have a Staff / Authors / Contributors page where details about all your authors is mentioned. The author attribution checklist.

  • Author’s full name
  • Author’s image
  • Author’s short bio
  • Author’s official email
  • Author’s work phone

From the organizational perspective, create a Contact page that lists the following details:

  • Organization Name
  • Organization Address
  • Organization Phone Numbers
  • Organization Emails
  • Contact Form
  • List of all departments and their contact details
  • Details of grievance handling team

Another common reason is language issues. If you are applying for approval in English, make sure all your authors are native English speakers and writers and that they are fluent in the language. Good use of language that is devoid of typos, grammar issues among other this is a must.

From the journalistic standpoint, good news reporting, and a solid publishing history are also a key factor that helps your Google News approval case. “Keep in mind that Google News reviewers will also be looking for clear evidence of original reporting, that will be another key in getting approved”, says one of the experts.

Aggressive advertising is also at times a reason for rejection. Having multiple ads above the fold is an issue and could lead to rejection. As one of the expert points out: “Advertising and other paid promotional material on your pages should not exceed your content.” One of the webmaster has raised an issue and the expert replied: “I think having three large ads above the content probably hurts your chances of being approved.”

Google News approval is definitely a great way to get into Google News, but if you aren’t able to succeed despite multiple effort, why not buy a pre-approved Google News site?